Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a Little THIS and THAT

Happy Friday, everyone!!!  Today is the day that I choose the winner of the Scrappy Birthday Blog Hop candy.  The winner of the stickers and ribbon is:

Congratulations, Percilla!  I'll be e-mailing you to get your mailing address!

I also am so exited to share that I've gotten a few awards over the last few days.  Sherrie from Sherrie Scraps with Passion, Barb from BugBites, Larelyn from Handmade from My Heart, and Melanie from In Love with a Bug all passed on a new award to me: the Cricut-tastic Award.  Melanie also passed on the Versatile Blogger and Stylish Blogger Awards to me.  I've already passed on those two, but I do need to pass along the Cricut-tastic Award to some of my bloggy friends (I'll do that in just a sec).  First, I want to thank all of you lovely ladies for passing on these awards to me.  If you haven't visited these ladies' blogs, you are missing out!  They are so talented and create such adorable projects!

Here are the rules for the Cricut-tastic Award:
Your blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic. Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with friends. Share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic blogs. You also have to tell 5 cricut related things about yourself.
Here are the 5 Cricut-y things about myself:
1. I first got a baby bug back when they first came out, but I didn't use it nearly enough.
2. My husband just got me an Expression this past Christmas, and I have used it regularly since then to make cards and scrapbook pages.
3.  I have WAY too many cartridges (or so my hubby says).  I just can't help it...I get sucked in by sales and can't control myself. :o)
4.  I have a growing crush on the Imagine, but I haven't quite convinced myself that I need it yet.
5.  I love my's great to be able to design projects when I'm waiting for my kids after school or when I'm waiting for an appointment or something. It's also awesome for long car trips (thank goodness I don't get car sick).

Okay, this part is always so hard for me because I follow so many wonderful blogs, but here are just 14 (yeah, yeah...I couldn't pick just 10) wonderfully talented ladies whose Cricut-tastic blogs you should check out.

Last, but definitely not least, I'll be participating in a Disney Blog Hop hosted by Sylvia at Bella Scrapbook Designs tomorrow, May 7.  I chose to pass on the Cricut-tastic Award on to other ladies who are in the hop, use the Cricut, and don't seem to have gotten this award before. They are all super talented crafters!  I'm so excited to show you what I made for the hop!  I really hope you'll stop by tomorrow to see my cute little project! :o)


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Congrats on your awards. Thank you so much for passing this awesome award to me. I will make sure to post it asap. Look forward to a fun hop that we are all a part of. Have a great day!


  2. Thank you for the lovely award! I am having trouble with blogger right now, but hope to be able to pass it on soon. Have a great week.


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