Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Pick You ❤

Stone fruits, they are the worst and the best. I love them, yet they sometimes give me hives. 
Despite being jerk fruits, I love them and continue to unnecessarily torture myself by consuming them. I'm eating delicious cherries from Traverse City (thank you awesome Auntie C) right now, as I sit typing to you...and I don't care at all if I have to take three Benadryl in an hour from won't really take three. Disclaimer: I'm an only child, so I tend to be dramatic. 

I love stone fruits, I love smiling food. I am combining that love along with some other wonderful Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons files to create a smiling food/cheesy pun card with you, because it's not Thursday without one. 

Check back tomorrow from some weekly info from Lisa, which includes an awesome freebie, have a great weekend! 


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