Monday, July 7, 2014

Keep Dreaming Everyday

Keep Dreaming Everyday

 Hey all! Leah Schaeffer stopping by to share with you today! Did you all have a great holiday weekend? Well, for you States wide friends I guess! =)
  I took a great cut file from the shop, Simple Banner Shapes. I started with opening the file in my design software. I wanted the banner to reach across the page and so I welded the single banner line with the double (the banner is then 2 pieces and not 3 as it appears, see cut file photo below). A little pulling and shaping and it was a great fit! The only time consuming part was adding the title to the banner line. You can use any font that you like, which is great! So very slowly I took letter by letter and slightly overlapped with the banner line. Once I liked how it looked, I selected all the elements and welded! You easily can do this without welding it as one piece and just set the letters above the banner. The clouds are a layer of card stock with a layer of vellum cut in a shadow to the bottom cloud. Normally we create a shadow to go under an image but the sheer vellum allowed this shadowed shape to sit over. Love that extra texture in person! You could easily cut that bottom cloud in some great pattern paper and then the vellum would help kinda mute that. Lastly I added a few grey hearts and some gems to finish off the design! 

 Thanks for dropping in!
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