Monday, July 21, 2014

Life is Delicious

Life is Delicious

 Howdy! Leah Schaeffer here sharing a little Summer delight! S'mores! Yum! 
 I was saying over at my blog that I was having trouble coming up with a design. Just a little creative freeze but after coming up with the super big graham cracker, the rest came together very quickly. I think that may be a good trick when you are stuck. Come on with at least one grand element for a page and then create around that. That can help, promise! 
 Well these fun photos are from a recent trip to the beach. We had a great time, obviously! LOL! 

 The page was fine as is but having chose a busy background pattern I felt like there needed to be a bit more color around the page. Which is why I chose to add in some punched leaves, the colors directly coordinating with the leaves from the background paper. It's those small details that really add up in the end! Like stamping on the large word in my title piece adds just a bit more interest (and yes, I know I didn't spell it right, oh well!)

S'mores Cutting File

 A bit of a shorty post but hey, it's Monday! Get in, get inspired…get out! =)
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  1. The page is darling but darn it now I want a somemore.


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