Monday, July 6, 2015

What's The Scoop?

   Hey all, Leah Schaeffer sharing something to help ya cool off. Hopefully! Sure has been hotter then heck here in Northern California! I really wanted to just play and create when it was time to make this little card. One way to come up with a project is to sit and check out the cut files that you own and just see what jumps out at you. I've never cut this ice cream container so I decided to go for that and also this new stamp shaped cutting file. 

    If you want a cut file to really pop, consider making a shadow for the shape, like the pink shadow for the stamp frame. It helps draw attention to the shape. Also by cutting a few of the same shape and staking them for dimension. You can use foam adhesive or just cut multiples.

   And here are the darling files I used today...
Ice Cream Tub and Scoop Cutting File
Stamp Frames Cutting File 
   Thanks for allowing me to share! Hope you are staying cool and enjoying the summer so far! 
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