Monday, September 29, 2014

Beach Bums

Beach Bums
  Hello all! Leah Schaeffer here today to share this fun page! Ok…not too much into the coming season but is still VERY warm here in sunny California! So…hope it's okay to share! 
 One of my favorite ways to design a scrapbook page featuring die cuts is to use one BIG center of focus image. Yes, little is cute but big means a grander impact on your page. Then you can come in with those smaller details. I started with a sandcastle and pretty much sized it as large as possible to fit my page. Do keep in mind, you really want to have your photos chosen first. Know what's going on the page and then size everything around those pictures! Trying to fit it the other way around is a pain! I promise! 
 And don't forget the background! Add layering, not only think matting photos but think of background! Adding the super big sun in the back adding another layer, more interest and more color to the page. Same with the clouds. You could of added nothing to the sky but this is SO much more fun! 

 To mimic a beachy feel I sprayed a tan and brown mist on the paper and inked my separate piles of sand. I sprayed the sandcastle as well and chose 3 different tan colors and textured paper for more interest. Each cut on the page was also inked in matching colors (sand, shells, etc).

 And how about the amazing cutting files I used! 

 Thank you SO much for coming by and letting me keep you warm on this Monday! =)
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  1. A very fun layout - wonderful to see any time of year (especially since you're in sunny California!)
    I love the texture that the spray and the inking gives and what a fabulous way to create a scene for your fabulous beach pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments! They really make my day! :D