Monday, April 28, 2014

Robots and Gears

Hi crafters! Leah Schaeffer here today to share a project I've had in the works for awhile! Poor thing sat all designed and ready to go for weeks before I was able to get it together and create! Has that ever happened to you? Certainly with a good idea that looms in your head for what feels like forever before you actually go and make it! Right? LOL! Well, finally I get to share, hope you enjoy!

The key element to this layout is the large scale gear border. Using design software available for electronic cutters you have the option of welding. Welding connects single images together. So I welded the gears together, created a couple of layers of shadows, and then cut individual gears in different colors for the very top layer. Using adhesive foam tape in different thicknesses will also give some cool dimension to your project. Not to mention utilizing your embossing folders by adding texture to some of your die cut shapes. I even sanded those to help them stand out even more!

If you want to visit my blog, I have an extra bit of detail to share about adding more life to the robots and how to tweak your die cut images to fit into a project! The title here was created using free fonts from the net.  =)

(for the stars on the page)

 Thank you for visiting the blog today! Happy Monday! =)

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