Sunday, February 8, 2015

Motivational Clipboard

Hi, it's Tina from TinaTime   I just love this Clipboard file from PPPR!!  I have used it so many times over for various projects!!  As a Part-time Personal Trainer, I use a clipboard just about everyday… in fact so many kind folks have give me clip boards over the past several years… so I guess I have one in my hands a lot… huh??

Well, I thought this was a perfect way to give a client a little message, in my own special way!  I used this file to create the clipboard and then stamped a sweet message:  Congratulations on your weight loss!"  I put a magnet on the back so they can be reminded of their hard work, rather it be placed on the fridge or wall somewhere!!

It also compliments the brand new files in the PPPR store this week!!  I simply cant wait to get my hands on these and play!!  I think I will find a few ways to use them!!  :)


  1. Very creative project. Nice work. Traci

  2. Very creative project. Nice work. Traci

  3. This is fabulous-- love how you're so motivating to the folks you're working with-- losing is HARD work and I know I would appreciate something awesome!


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