Monday, September 12, 2016

Silhouette Curio Stippled Strawberry Basket

   Hi everyone, Leah Schaeffer here today. I hope you folks were able to have joined us this past weekend over on Facebook for our monthly inspiration hop! If not, you can start the hop here. At least to pop through and check out the projects. Ok so I had shared during the hop my very first Silhouette Curio project. And today, I have something else created using the Silhouette Curio machine but it's a totally different project! 
   This is not the completed project but this would be the first step done with the machine. Stippling onto canvas! 
     As you can see in the next photo, I started with turning the Strawberry Basket cutting file into an image filling in only shades of grey and black. I did initially start using the colors that are using when you open your file, but the end result is better if you can play with the colors (and by colors, I mean like those below). The end result you can see once you've traced the image using the Stipple feature, is on the right! I used the adapted piece in the Curio that allows you to use any pen and I used a Paper Mate Flair pen in black on canvas (as seen above). 
   Now as cool is that is, I decided to add some color and used my alcohol markers and colored directly over the stippling and onto the canvas! 
   Then end result is so neat! Also watercolored looking, almost like its a printed/dyed piece from a shop! The stippling detail with it as well adds SO much extra interest. 

   I hope you enjoyed seeing this today! It was a lot of work but worth it! 

   Thanks for stopping in! 
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