Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Morning

   Leah Schaeffer with you today on yet another Monday! And just before Easter so I definitely wanted to do something for the holiday. This is the first time I cut this Easter bunny and I am super excited for how it turned out! I think this bunny is just great and had originally thought about adding each of the great bunnies but then had the idea to do this one giant size and be the center of focus. 
   Since I wanted to use each of these photos from last years Easter morning and there wasn't room to trim these photos down from the original 4x6, I knew there wasn't a ton of room to scrap on the other side. So going big filled the space nicely and then banners add some interest and color on top to then balance the colors in the eggs. Another option would have been to do a colorful title (like the one in the set) instead of the banners. In case anyone has the notion to try a page similar. 

   As much as fun as this is, I still wanted to add some small detail or embellishment so when it doubt, glitter, baby! This added just the right something to finish off the project! See how happy Mr. Easter Bunny is?

   This file is SO fun!

   We appreciate you coming by today! See you tomorrow with another wonderful project! 
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